What does it mean to be a “Team Driver”?

February 17, 2017

What does it mean to be a “Team Driver”?

A Sponsorship is not something you just receive, it's not just something that will be handed to you. A sponsorship is something that you strive to achieve and accomplish. It takes hard work and determination to achieve.

Probably the most common question is, what does it take to become a “Team Driver”, and do I have what it takes to make the cut? You do not have to be the most skilled or the most talented driver in the world. Most companies are looking for someone that is a social person that gets along well with others, someone that is a team player, and someone regardless of their driving abilities that really pushes the product well. Yes podium finish are good for the sponsors to see, because they know that their products are working well and are performing the way the should be. A good representation in the Rc community is key as well. Companies will not sponsor someone that bullies, or trash talks others. They are looking for someone that is honest and plays well with others.

Get out, be social at events go around and introduce yourself to others. If you notice someone needs help with a broken part offer to help them fix it, if you see someone struggling on the course show them a different line or approach they could take. You might not think sponsors look for things like this but they do. A major key in sponsorships is social media, think before you comment, share, or post a picture. It could make the difference of you getting a sponsorship or losing it. Remember you are representing the company's name and don't want to get them caught up in something that could be avoided by thinking of the consequences ahead.

Almost all sponsorships require you to fill out a team driver application, it's mostly basic information about yourself, they will ask why you want to be a “Team Driver” for them. They will ask how you will push their product. Don't over think it answer the questions honestly, they want you for who you are. They will want you to sport their logos at events, and give them occasional feedback on products.

Remember you don't have to be the best in the sport to get sponsorships, they will judge you in your values and morals, and what kind of atmosphere is around you. Do you have what it takes to be a “Team Driver”?

-By team driver Ridge Henley