UpperHafty wheel by Supershafty

February 03, 2017

UpperHafty wheel  by  Supershafty

SuperShafty was once known for doing bombproof transmissions while they still offer them they started to branch out to other scale products in the last year. One of their new products is the 1.9 Upper Hafty Bead Lock wheel which they were nice enough to send me a set. There are many bead lock wheels on the market now and I have owned a good majority of brands. SuperShafty’s wheels are one of the lightest bead lock wheels I have owned. The quality of machining is great; on par with the other USA manufacturers.

I was quite impressed I wasn't sure what to expect. My set is one of their limited run wheels with special colors. The wheel is their standard black but the ring was a limited run Cerakote green instead of the standard anodizing. They come in a variety of standard colors Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Slate (like a matte silver). SuperShafty partnered up with LockedUpRc on these wheels to be able to use their easy mount system meaning only 6 screws on the face of the wheel actually bolt the ring down. These will not work with LockedUpRc’s bead lock rings though.

They also designed a channel in the center of the wheel for the foam to sit so it doesn't shift side to side as much which seems to work well. I think that is where a lot of weight savings came from. This wheel uses Vanquish Products SLW hubs system for adjustable offset. This wheel has more positive offset than your normal wheel. To get a stock width it is recommended to use a 475 SLW hub. Don't forget to order a SLW hardware kit as well. I grabbed a set of SuperShafty’s brake rotors and LockedUpRc’s scale hardware to really make these wheels pop.

Their rotors sandwich between the wheel and the SLW hub. I would recommend getting longer 4-40 hardware as the standard SLW hardware does not thread into the hub very far with the rotors some not wanting to thread in at all. SuperShafty will mix ring and wheel colors if you contact them through their website. Overall these are some of the nicest wheels I have used I had no issues with the wheels except the mentioned rotor issue. If you don't use the rotors standard hardware will work fine. These wheels are great for the price they are up there with the best in quality and design.