ARRMA 1/7 RTR Winners Choice Stickers


Prizes up for Grabs. 

  • ARRMA 1/7 Rtr Infraction 6s - $699.99
  • ARRMA 1/7 Rtr Felony 6s - $699.99
  • ARRMA 1/7 Rtr Mojave 6s - $669.99

We will be selling 100 stickers for $16.16 each.

We are going to pull 2 winners.

Winner of draw #1 will get your choice of the 3, then #2 can pick from the remaining 2 choices.

Shipping to the USA is included in your winnings. If you are a winner from outside the USA, you will be asked to pay the difference in the shipping cost only.

PLEASE READ - This is a Sticker sale. We are selling 100 digital Stickers. After they are all sold, then we will hold a live Facebook drawing and give these prize items away to some of the people who bought the digital stickers. Your sticker number, is the same as your SuperShafty order number. You can buy multiple stickers on the same order if you would like, that number would then just get entered in the drawing more times. You do NOT have to watch the live drawing to win, If you are one of the winners you will be contacted, but its always good for you to reach out to us, it will speed along the process. You may NOT win more than once, but you can have other people you know buy stickers.