UCFAB V2 Sway Bars *Limited Edition*

SuperShafty is bringing you another special edition product and this time it is from the awesome team over at UCFAB. 

They recently redesigned their sway bar arms and they look fantastic. The triangular honey comb design retains all the strength of the a solid piece but also greatly reduces the weight. 

We went above and beyond the stock milled look and got them custom colored in red and black with laser etched company logos for UCFAB and SuperShafty.

They work with the Yeti or the Bomber, or any custom monster truck or build that would require a sway bar. The Yeti kit comes with one sway bar, but the Bomber comes with two different arms stiffnesses because of the two different mounting positions. Just make the correct selection before you check out!

note: due to the small recessed holes in the honeycomb the anodizing left a couple very small spots in the honey comb section where the annodizing didn't adhere. We suggest running this with the honeycomb facing in so that the laser etching is on the inside.

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