Team Ottsix V2 TKO-10 Axle Case

This is the generation two case. They come with small inner reinforcing bits that help strengthen the axle. Also there is a multitude of increased structural support inside and out.

Note: TKO-10 axles are not compatible with Axial* SCX-10* 3 link, 4 link, or servo tray components. TKO-10 trusses must be used.  

TKO-10 axle housings are manufactured using our proprietary ultra premium super tough composite compound. The pinion angle is 18 degrees which moves the driveshaft and input bearing up and out of the way of rocks and other objects. This 18 degree angle is designed to assimilate high pinion hypoid diff gears found in high end offroad vehicles. They are designed to accept Axial 1:10 driveline components as well as c-hubs and knuckles. You'll find that TKO-10's will glide over rock more smoothly than aluminum or common plastics. 

*Axial and SCX-10 are registered trademarks of Axial R/C Inc.

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