SuperShafty SCX10iii Brass Knuckles

SuperShafty Brass Knuckles

  • Made as a heavy replacement for stock plastic knuckles.

Housing Compatibility

  • Knuckles work with Stock 10.3 housings
  • as well as Stock Axial Capra portal housings
  • They also will work with SuperShafty CP44 housings.
  • As well as other aftermarket 10.3 and Capra housings.

Internal Parts Compatibility

  • Drop in the stock and Stock Upgrade parts.
  • Ability to run Stock Plastic Knuckle covers
  • Or Upgrade to TGH Gears.
  • and Vitavon Brass covers.


  • 1 Right Knuckle
  • 1 Left Knuckle
  • Hardware for covers


  • Covers
  • Gears
  • Shafts & Pins