STICKER Sale for - Package of SuperShafty 1.9 Wheel "Falcon" Hubs and Tires

Sticker Sale !!!

(2) Wheel and tire Packages

EACH of the 2 WINNERS will receive a FULL $250 Retail PACKAGE Including:

  • BOTH will get (4) Black SuperShafty 1.9 Falcons (8) Beadlock rings (96) Hardware
  • BOTH will get (4) SuperShafty 1.9 Scale Rotors
  • BOTH will get (4) Vanquish SLW Style Hubs - in choice of offset.
  • BOTH will get (24) KNK Hardware 4-40 Bolts for Hubs.
  • Then....
  • TIRE Choice of - Pre Mounted 4.75 RC4WD MTR's with Foams
  • or
  • Choice of - Un Mounted 4.75 Voodoo KLR X4's without Foams
  • First winner will have pick, Second winner will get the other set.


Only 100 Tickets will be sold, Tickets are $5 Each, No limit on number you can buy.


This is a DIGITAL Sticker Sale. Your Ticket is your SuperShafty Order Number. If you buy 1 ticket, your order prints once. If you buy 4 tickets, it prints 4 times for the same number. After they all are sold and printed, They get cut up by me and put in a Jar, and we will hold a LIVE video drawing on Facebook to pick the winners. You do NOT need to watch the video to win. I will contact the winners after the drawing. Videos will be posted to the SuperShafty Facebook page and re-watchable after the drawing is held.