Puller 500 Crawl Type Crawler motor

The Crawl Type Puller 500 is the pinnicle of Crawler motors for ultimate performance!   It is lighter and smaller in diameter than a regular 540 motor, yet packs the same power and punch to get you through those tough sections.   This motor was born out of prototype work for our team drivers, and now you can have the edge too!


4130 Chromoly Can

7075 Aluminum Faceplate

303 Stainless Set Screws

N-EH 33 grade Neodymium Magnets

Lightweight Fiberglass timing ring

7075 Aluminum Endbell Hardware

Crawl Type 5 slot armature

4.41 ounces, 125g

Standard 540 mount

31.8mm diameter, 55mm long

1/8" shaft

fully rebuildable and compatible with many Holmes 540 motor parts. 

 Purchase for One motor


- See more at: http://supershafty.com/home/31-puller-500-crawl-type-crawler-motor.html#sthash.nBpqctnv.dpuf

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