Ottsix 2.2 KLR Scale Tires (Gold)

Hey these are the new Team Ottsix 2.2 KLR.

One of the most popular tires on the market today, these will hook up in just about any condition. Wether you run Ultra 4, Class 3 comps, or even a basher these are the tires for you. 

These do not come with foams, however SuperShafty recommends Crawler Innovations 2 stage foams. For this tire we personally like a 5.5 with a soft outer on all 4 tires. Paired up with the SuperShafty Prang wheels these will give one of the most aggressive looking and competitive tires on the market. 



Tire size:  2.2 x 5.5 x 2.0

Tire cleaning tips: Use Simple Green for general cleaning. To clean to the bare rubber, use Purple Power Clener or Easy Off oven cleaner (These cleaners are safe for the rubber compound. Do not use acetone or other solvents)

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