Hot Bodies Rover 1.9 Red Soft Compound

This is a set of two Hot Bodies Rover 1.9 Rock Crawler Tires in Red (Soft) Compound. After taking the crawling community by storm because of their awesome flexibility, tall profile and unique inner foam characteristics, the HB Rover tire line-up has been expanded to include the popular 1.9” size. Get the scale look you want and the traction you need to grab the rocks and climb the toughest ascents with the amazing HB Rover 1.9 tires!

Extensively tested in real competition by the HPI/HB crawler team, rock crawling fanatics have been raving about the Rovers since they first saw them in action. Now that they have had the chance to try them on their own rigs, the word has been spreading and the verdict is: TREMENDOUS! The more these tires are run, the better they perform on all types of rock: granite, sandstone, and more. The will even excel in wet conditions!

The inner foam requires no cutting or trimming of any kind. Put two or three air holes in the wheels or tires to allow the tire to flex properly. 

Note - These tires are NOT SORRCA or SORRCA LITE legal Because they are TOO AWESOME!!