The Hawk SuperShafty 2.2 Wheel (Set 4)

The Hawk SuperShafty 2.2 Wheels

These are the new 2.2 aluminum 3 piece beadlock wheels directly from SuperShafty. 

Designed to be strong, yet lightweight, these wheels feature:

  • 12 sloped spokes
  • 6 Ring bolts in the front and 6 in the back.
  • SLW hub mount design
  • 30mm wide 
  • Foam capturing groove, to help with side hills, the foam will not slide around.
  • Positive offset, to keep your truck narrow if you want it. (600 - 725 Hubs will make the Hex close to flush with back of wheel)
  • Mix and Match colors to best fit your taste.


  • 4 Hawks wheels
  • 8 beadlock rings
  • 144 Black beadlock mounting hardware (Enough for all ring holes)

Color Options: (Some Combinations Not Shown)

  • Flat Black
  • Satin Silver
  • Glossy Raspberry
  • Glossy Green
  • Glossy Gold

We have test mounted these wheels on various tires, including Pitbulls, RC4WD, VooDoo, Axial and Proline. While these will fit most tires we cannot guarantee they will fit every tire.

NOTE - The rest of the bolt holes on the front rings are for looks only. The rings are threaded to hold these bolts in place. Use caution when mounting. Light Snug with some thread lock is all that you need to hold these screws in place.  

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