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Gift Card

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What do you get your Best Friend for a gift?

We have devised a way for you to make a special day even better for your Friend and/or Lover
we have 4 gift cards to chose from but it you want a Bigger amount just ask.........

Gift Card Options:

#1 $25.00 Gift card
A perfect way to say "Thank You" or pay back your buddy for driving you to the last RC event

#2 $50.00 Gift Card
This is our most popular Gift card for that someone special

#3 $75.00 Gift Card
A bit more for that someone special
$75.00 might seem to be over the top but after all "He's Worth it" !!

#4 "BOMB PROOF" Gift Card
The Bomb Proof Gift card is the best gift of all
Your Friend or companion will thank you for years to come when they find out
You just bought them the #1 Trans in the RC market

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