Machined from Carbon Fiber
This truss is the lightest & Strongest Truss on the market todate
The Truss will serve as a upper link mount, servo mount and truss

The rear truss also strengthens the entire housing while adding upper link adjustments.

Dropped servo for a much better COG
Servo is in a great spot for proper steering link geometry. This means more power and a more consistent feel.
Upper links are adjustable. This is really cool for the Wraith style guys who only have one upper link mount on their chassis.
Raising the links at the axle has tested overly positive for us so I think it will be great even if you have 
adjustability at the chassis. Testing has shown much better sidehilling and climbing just by raising the links at the axle.
Steering links can be made so they are all behind the diff cover at all times. No more huge hang up points.
Servo horn does not extend past the front of the axle tube, no way it can get hit or in the way.

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