Bombproof Brass LOSI Night Crawler HIGH MASS Knuckles & CHUBS

SuperShafty EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Bombproof Brass Losi HIGH MASS Knuckles & CHUBS


For: LOSI Night Crawler and Comp Crawler
Material: BRASS !
Scale Realistic Looks
CHUB Features 20 Degree Castor Angles
Knuckle Featuring Faux Spindle holes
(Which can be tapped M2.5x4 to bolt on more weight if you need it)
  • 1 Right CHUB
  • 1 Left CHUB
  • 1 Right Knuckle
  • 1 Left Knuckle
  • 4 Grub screws
  • 4 Jim's bearings
You will need your own pins, will work with stock kingpins.

Note: These are SORRCA Legal.