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.21 Class Electric power conversion

Racing electric motor conversion kit was designed around a .21 (or any big block) class nitro engine 

* Direct Bolt-On - no additional modifications necessary. 
* Easily keep up with the nitro counterpart
* Work on Any car or truck use .21 class nitro engine. 
* Faster acceleration
* Light weight for higher top speed
* Predictable performance
* Highly versatile system for high RPM or high-torque low RPM applications. 
* Full Ball Bearing. 
* All hardened steel gear
One .21 Class Electric motor adapter

540 Can motor or 1/8 brushless Motor, ESC and battery
Pinon Gear (32Pitch) for electric motor and conversion (32 or 24Pitch)
- the adapter provides a 5mm shaft to attach a pinion where the clutch bell would be on your nitro engine. Choose a pinion that matches the teeth of your vehicle spur gear. 
simple hand tools for installation
ESC Reverse Disable
Lubricants For steel Gear.

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