Wheels & Tires

Custom Wheel Sets

Custom Wheel Sets

    EACH SET Includes 4 complete wheels (even though the complete set might not be shown)

      • Beadlock rings
      • Clamp rings
      • Mounting hardware (Enough for all holes)
    • Each set is 1 of a kind and we only have 1 set for every combo shown. 
    • When they are listed as Out of Stock, they have been sold.
    • Ring color is noted in each set, we are not willing to swap them for other colors.


    1. SOLD - Zombie Green Cerakote 2.2 KMC Bully 127's (Black rings)
    2. Green Anodized 2.2 - OMF NXG1 (Assembled With 225 Hubs)(Silver rings)
    3. Corvette Yellow Cerakote 1.9 Method Roost's (No Rings Needed)
    4. SOLDHunter Orange Cerakote 1.9 Method 101 v2's (Silver rings)
    5. SOLD Metallic Gold Cerakote 1.9 KMC Machete v1's (Black rings)
    6. Digi Camo Hydrodip 1.9 Method 105's (Silver rings)
    7. SOLDBlue Kryptek Hydrodip 1.9 Method 310's (Silver rings)
    8. SOLDWhite Kryptek Hydrodip 1.9 Method 310's (Red rings)

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