SuperShafty Slipper Eliminator

SuperShafty Slipper Eliminator

We have just come out with another great BOMBPROOF product.


This slipper eliminator fits on our Beefy Top Shaft. 

Replacing the Robinson Heavy Duty Slipper unit and spring completely.

They come with the 3 hole pattern that the Axial Spur uses. But we recommend swapping out to the lightweight Hot Racing spur listed below.

These are now, also an option for any 6mm Bombproof transmission we build, instead of the Robinson Spur/Slipper.

The SSSE Comes with:

  • The Slipper Eliminator
  • Top Shaft 2mm pin
  • KNK Hardware Top Shaft 8mm Nut
  • KNK Hardware M3 x 6mm Screws (x3)
  • SuperShafty Spring replacement Aluminum Spacer
  • *NEW ADDITION* - Top shaft spacer - (for between Spur and trans case, this spacer reduces in and out movement of the top shaft once the spur is mounted) Not Pictured.

AS OF 3/11/2019 - Slipper Eliminators ordered with Top Shafts, Will be shipped with a SHORT version of the Top Shaft made for this application. (This Eliminates the need for the Front spacer)

Optional Recomended Parts Include:

  • Super Shafty Beefy Top Shaft (Required) But if you don't have one already, add it on for $19.99 ($29.99 Value)
  • Hot Racing Hardened Spur Gear 32P 56T ($19.99 add on) Stock Axial Replacement Size ($22.99 Value) SHOWN
  • Hot Racing Hardened Spur Gear 32P 57T ($19.99 add on) Optional Size 1 tooth Larger ($22.99 Value) NOT SHOWN - Slightly More Torque
  • Hot Racing Hardened Spur Gear 32P 58T ($19.99 add on) Optional Size 2 teeth Larger ($22.99 Value) NOT SHOWN - More Torque
  • Hot Racing Hardened Spur Gear 32P 59T ($19.99 add on) Optional Size 3 teeth Larger ($22.99 Value) NOT SHOWN - Even More Torque

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