Hardcore RC - Titanium and Stainless Steel Suspension link kits & Steering

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Hardcore RC Links

These links are made with super high quality products, and come with our Bombproof warranty against breakage.

  • Titanium Suspension link kits - Starting at $69.99
  • Stainless Steel Suspension link kits - Starting at $49.99
  • Titanium Steering link kits - All Steering kits $15.99
  • Included with ALL kits - Genuine Traxxas Revo 4mm Rod ends.


*All kits are not pictured at this time, I will try to update as time permits to include an example of each kit.

*Note kits pictured are for example purpose and might differ from what you actually receive. The manufacturer reserves the right to change and adjust as needed for the best fit possible.