92mm KYOSHO Velvet coated Triple Blue Cap Shocks -KIT

DISCONTINUED ITEM - When they are gone, they are gone. Get them while they last.

This is a set (2) of  "STOCK" (No Mods) Kyosho 92mm Velvet Coated Triple Cap Shocks, This set of 92mm long shocks include everything needed to build 2 shocks except for shock springs and silicone shock fluid. The Kyosho Velvet Coated Triple Cap Shocks feature threaded shock bodies, as well as a improved cartridge design that improves the oil seal and reduces Friction, resulting in improved shock performance. The velvet coating on the shock body also reduces Friction, as well as wear on the shock piston


This same shock with the SuperShafty Comp Caps added can be 96mm, or 98mm if you run Comp Caps and swap the lower rod ends.


- The Standard Blue pieces are NOW AVAILABLE IN BLACK, GOLD and ORANGE. The shock Body will remain "Velvet Coated"