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SuperShafty "CP44" Capra Axle System

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SuperShafty "CP44" Capra Axle System

Key Features:

  • One Piece construction
  • Machined from 7075 Aluminum
  • Increased Caster Angle to 20° for improved steering without side effects of leaning them too far back. (Stock is 8°)
  • Externally Limited to 50° of side to side steering, but easily modified for more should you desire. (5° over stock Capra axles)


  • CP44's are Axial Capra Axle Dimensions


  • Our housings work with stock Capra Components. Such as the Axle shafts, and Stock Capra Knuckles.
  • Also, our Knuckles work with Stock housings, as well as Axial 10.3 portal housings and Vanquish housings.
  • Drop in compatibility with stock and Stock Upgrade parts.
  • Ability to run Stock Plastic Knuckles
  • Or Upgrade to CP44 Knuckles, these include Aluminum gear covers. (Less than 2oz)
  • Brass CP44 Knuckles Optional, these include Aluminum gear covers. (5oz)
  • Stock, or Stock Replacement Portal covers, will not fit our Knuckles.
  • Hardened Overdrive Portal gears available from TGH in 3 Ratios.
  • Bolt on Panhard option from TGH, for those wishing to ditch the stock Axle mounted servo. This panhard mount will NOT fit a stock Capra Axle. But we have those available too.
  • Now available Brass Front center section for 2 more ounces of weight.


  • These carry a 1 Year Bombproof guarantee against Defects and Accidental breakage. We are confident in our design and product and we want you to be too.
  • We know you guys are going to beat on them. So If something happens to them, We'll replace. (Does not apply to Abuse)


  • 1 Axle housing
  • 1 Axle center section
  • 2 differential bearing retainers
  • Hardware
  • Jim's Bearings
  • 2 Portal box covers (Rear Axle) 


  • Capra Axle Shafts and stub shafts
  • Capra/AR44 Style Spool
  • Capra/AR44 Style Gears 
  • Capra Knuckles (For Steering version) 
  • Capra Servo mount (For Steering version)


  • CP44 Straight Axle - $139.99
  • CP44 Steering Axle (No Knuckles) - $169.99
  • CP44 Lightweight Knuckles in 7075 these include Aluminum gear covers - $59.99
  • CP44 Brass F9 Front Center (2oz heavier than 7075) these include Aluminum gear covers - $49.99
  • Bolt on CP44 Panhard Mount by TGH - $19.99 
  • Titanium Steering Links bent by HardcoreRC - $16.99

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