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SuperShafty Bombproof 6mm Outputs


Bombproof 6mm Outputs

Warranty against breakage for LIFE. 


Each set comes with:

  • 2 x Outputs.  Front and Back.
  • 3 x Screws for Main Gear
  • 2 x Bearings for Transmission housings.

Not included: (All available on SuperShafty Site)

  • MIP Drive Shafts.
  • Hubs
  • Steel Main Gear, or Steel Trans Gear set of 3 gears.
  • Screw pins for hubs


  • Upgrade to Steel Gears.
  • Steel MIP Drive Shafts.


  • SCX10.1 Transmission housings, Including Stock, HR and VP.
  • Wraith Outputs ONLY fit Wraith housings.


Buy the screw pins here: https://supershafty.com/products/screw-pin-for-mip-6mm-ball-ends



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