SuperShafty Super Light Racing Seats (Pair)

SuperShafty Super Light Racing Seats (Pair)

Currently only offered in black.

These seats are significantly lighter than most other seats on the market currently.

There are 2 versions

1/10 scale Narrow and a slightly Wider version.

These are a replacement for the seats in a Wraith, but have many applications for custom builds.

The Narrow version will fit in a Vanquish Ripper.

The wide ones fit most 1/10 scale driver's without modifications. But you might have to shave a wider action figures hips (like a wrestler) 

The Narrow version is lighter and has a smaller footprint, but your figures might require more than a small shave to get them to fit.

The base is completely flat, and can easily be attached with screws or double sided tape.

Seatbelt Holes in the side and headrest allow for use of scale 4 or 5 point harnesses. Or a lap belt style zip tie just to hold your figure in place. 

You will receive 2 seats.