Axial Bomber/Yeti RR10

Alloy SuperShafty Bombproof Trailing Arms

SuperShafty has teamed up with another great company in JEC to offer a BOMBPROOF solution to your rear control arms. These are compatible with the Axial Yeti, SCORE, and Bomber rear control arms. Machined from 100% 7075 these are are extremely stout.

Quote from DUROK (rccrawler) 

noticeably harder and stronger than 6016 T-6 and better for lower arms because they won't get as gouged up.


137mm will fit your stock SMT10, Score, and Bomber
129mm will fit you stock wraith, front and rear 

They feature:

  1. - 5 different shock mounting positions
  2. - Recessed, or Frenched, ends to strengthen the connection between the ends and the arm. This mean no more bent set screws
  3. - Approximately 3mm shorter than stock arms which raises the rear pinion angle for better clearance over terrain
  4. - Carries the BombProof warranty. (does not include the revo ends and set screws, and void if any alterations are made to the arms


The width of the channel is compatible with revo rod end balls. You will need to trim your stock bomber shock ball ends by about 1mm. This can be easily done while you are switching these onto you truck with a hobby knife. 

Slight adjustments to the revo ends may need to be made by twisting them in or out. SuperShafty has assembled these to be as close as possible, but please take care to make sure yours are as even as possible.

Due to some discrepancies in the Ceramic Coating there may be some small imperfections with the coating.