1.9 Wheels

SuperShafty 1.9 Wheel "Falcon"

Designed from the ground up to mimic the performance of the successful 2.2 SuperShafty Hawk's, the Falcon 1.9 wheels incorporate the lightweight design, 3 piece beadlock system, and Vanquish SLW hub mount design. The deep offset will allow you to tuck your wheels to your minimum operating width. This will reduce the scrub radius of the tire, allowing the steering servo to work more freely while turning the tires. 

The groove around the outside of the wheel helps to capture the foams in place for increased side hill performance by not allowing the tire to "roll-over" on themselves.  

The SuperShafty 1.9 "Falcon" utilizes a fake hole design on the beadlock rings. This allows you to install the beadlock using the 6 supplied 2mm bolts, and use the fake holes to fill in the rest of the blank spots. The fake holes are threaded and you will be able to use the supplied 2x6mm screws to complete the wheel. 

(96) M2x6mm buttonheads to complete the wheels
6 spoke design
1.9 wheel size
SLW mounting hub pattern

(Suggested for use with 600 or larger hubs for stock ish offset)
26mm wide

*NOTE: With Small hubs, these wheels do not clear most portal axles. Running a larger hubs will be needed to clear portal boxes.

Available In:

  • Set of (4) Wheels With (8) Rings - $119.99
  • Set of (4) Wheels With (8) Special Color Rings - $159.99
  • Set of (4) Special Color Wheels With (8) Black Rings - $159.99
  • Single (1) Wheel With (2) Rings - $42.99
  • Single Front Ring Only (1) - $11.99 (This will fit old style 1.9 SuperShafty Wheels)
  • Special Color Rings by themselves $59.99

WORTH NOTING: The ring for 2018 sales and forward has a smooth Inside diameter. This new ring is also made from 7075-T6 Aluminum, instead of the 6061-T6 Softer rings previously made. This helps for multiple reasons. It will get caught on the rocks less, allowing you to slide off them, instead of digging in. It also will hold the threaded "faux" Ring bolts in place better than the 6061.

These wheels used to be called "Uper Hafty" or "UpperHafty" 

With the updated Ring design, we felt they needed a Better name for a better product. The ring update, listed above has updated the Wheel to "Falcon"