1.9 Wheels

Custom Anodized Wheel Sets

Custom Anodized Wheel Sets


    • 4 wheels 
    • Beadlock rings
    • Mounting hardware (Enough for all holes)

    Color Options: 

    • "Rich Gold"
    • "Vibrant Purple"
    • "Dark Bronze"
    • "Emerald Green" - (Some Pictures Shown, but not all)
    • We have at least 1 set for every combo shown. Some have 2 or 3.
    • But know when they are listed as Out of Stock, they have been sold.


    NOTE - These are VP wheels that have been custom anodized. There will be slight variations in color. We have been unable to purchase more wheels, so for right now, this is all we have. We can do these colors for our 2.2 Hawk Wheels if you would like to see that. 

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